Thursday, February 5, 2009

More than 3 new posts in one week?! YES.

Heres what keeps me busy at home.

This is what I post most of this shit from.

Somewhere in both of those bookshelves is EVERY LAST issue of Super Street, SCC, Modified, and Import Tuner since 01-02. And most every issue of every other car mag.

Wish I could afford every cool car DVD ever.
These are enough for late night viewing pleasures though.
Its a small collection but its a STRONG one.
Not pictured is the VIDEO GAMES!
Maybe some other time.
Go GT!

Protect yo neck!

Its an old piece of shit.
But i decided to make it ok.

The book of the dead.

Just a little bit of paper chase.
Next time well show some rowdy rowdy stuff.

Stockpiling of ammunition for '09.

D*squad bring the rain.