Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Greatest Background Song EVER!!!

For Steph, you know you wanna shake that THANGGG to this.

Moments of greatness are at 2:02,2:43,3:09,3:26-3:55.
For max effect watch in full at volume MAXIMUM.

"Yeah you get props over here!" #2

These dudes from MA are doing very visually pleasing things with their automobiles.
I THINK theyre called Drift-Faction. Whoever they are, GOOD CAR STYLE.

Sexy Style Ver I on all of them, except for Vertex rear on red coupe and BN I front on White FB.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I dont feel like talking all about it in detail, just know that its pretty much done and ready. Paint and lower then Drift Day.

Uras Type IV style full aero, D-Max D-1 style 40mm Front fenders, BN Sports wrap around style 50mm rears, D-Max style hood. ALL TAKA SPL. Holler.

More pics when its cooler.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pictures WANTED

Crash king 2002-2003 from baanbros.nl on Vimeo.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Autopsy results are in.

RoskiMachine died of MAX AWESOME. Car was low enough to smash pan and oil pickup into submission. Only acceptable way to pop a motor. OH WELL.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dead Cars > Alive Cars Pt. 3

Shortly after the LongGrain incident, we lost the RoskiMachine.
We were driving to work one morning and the motor started playing knock-knock jokes with us down I-55. While trying to limp it home, the hood flew open and smashed itself, the windshield, and the roof.

Roski had just sold his Daily driver not too long ago, so this left him car-less, and since times are hard right now, this forced him to part it out.
So far weve lost Two Cars this season. But on the bright side, Trucky just returned from his long trip to Texas, the return of the Red Shark is almost here, and Frank's new fastback build should be done soon too. Were hoping the end of this season works much better then the beggining did..

Dead cars > Alive cars Pt.2

Summer is FLYING by. Heres a little recap of what's happened so far... Hasnt been going too smoothly for us.

LongGrain totalled his car at the HIN Pro-Am Qualifier event.

Dont mind the wheels, we hadnt shown up with the cool wheels yet in these shots. The car had just been painted Skyline Midnight Purple ONE DAY BEFORE. It had also just been rebuilt from the ground up, including new motor setup. Horrible luck.

This here was after.
Ill post a video up one soon.