Wednesday, July 30, 2008


This pic reminded me of it.

If only theyd have taken it in last years trim.

Vinyl Love.


I want some more rad shit.

Tinker, K-style, Avant Garde, M-sports, Riverside, etc.

Maybe one day.

This lame american stuff will do for now.

Thanks to Risky Devil Bruce Lee for the vinyl hookup.
Word up to my Heartbreaker friends in California, and T2 Films for giving the street drivers coverage also.

Hot summer nights.

Feels so good to be able to say were enjoying them. I havent updated for awhile. Fear not.

We're alive and well. Not much been going on lately, street scene is slow right now. But we still come out as much as possible. Much love to our Risky Devil brothers as always.

Heres some updated pics of the cars. Not many changes. All 4 are done for the year.
A few new parts and changes, all is according to plan. Certain people are planning next winter's overhauls already:)