Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Shakin' paint cans 'til thunder claps

the Death*Squad .. .
us children of the ghetto are into more than just cars. .
like writing on walls and such. . .
when we all met. . most of us were into painting . .

i had nothing else on my agenda . .but paint .. sleep. . .and work(to pay for court . .haha) . .

Back when i was practically homeless. . .
Illegal burner off the Blue line 2004

Sketch By D*Star

Sketch By Roski

Stay Tuned . .

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So we went to DD24 as planned. We drove up in Franks S14, Roski's 180 that I was borrowing for the event, and Trucky's track car. On the way up we had an incident regarding franks diff rubbing through its cover, pissing away all its gear oil and subsequently killing the bearings and such. We were forced to leave it in Sheboygan and pack the rest of us in the remaining two cars, Tires rubbed, spacers had to be removed, but we finally made it to the hotel at about 2:30AM. We WERE supposed to be there at about 6PM according to our schedules. All the rest of the Devil's were asleep already, so we just ran through the halls and got into fights on our own in the room. 9 of us. Next day we woke up an hour late, all the cars were gone from the parking lot already, we quickly checked out, loaded up and headed to the track. There had been some rain in the forecast but luckily it turned out to be only partly cloudy, though it was pretty cold. After tech, Trucky and I were both placed in Intermideatte C and hit the track. I was having absolutely NO luck doing ANYTHING without power steering. I finished my run time just fucking around doing what i could. After that we just rocked some figure 8's for fun at the skidpad. We decided to go to Autozone and pickup a bunch of stuff to try and rig up the power steering(and some gloves for my callused hands). After 30 min. of working on it in the pits and missing one run session, I had regained power steering. Thanks to TRUCKY!! We proceeded to do work for our last run session.

All in all, it was a good weekend, though I wish I could have got more track time and such. But you cant have everything. I cant wait to go back next season in my own car and with everything well prepared!
Also big ups to our homies, Josh, AJ, Chobs, Phil, Leigh, Omar, Eugene, Tall Mark, and everyone else for tearing it up out there too!
Thanks to Keith(action pics), Tomy(blurry action pic), and Me(pit shots) for the pictures.

See you guys next season!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Mexico is coming to Shawano.

Both Master Trucky from the slums of Shao-lin and I will be driving at DD24. Say Hi if you see us!!! I CANNOT WAIT!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

We want what's ours.

So we GO GET IT.
Welcome back home. Meet your ugly brother.