Saturday, September 27, 2008

When the Rod Knock hits and your friends are being tricks...

Pick up the fucking bike!

Yah yah.

Fuck meeeee.........................


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

'01 = '09

So I've been REALLY on the 2001 tip like everyone else this year..
I'm not gonna keep it a "secret" like alot of other people try to. Thats so lame.
Anyway, im going to act on this interest. Thus, the removal of GT wing.
Im thinking 50mil G-corp rear overs, 20 mil single vent fronts, kouki 180 aero,3 Pc. Wing again, roof wing, Gandors, Polished, forged, 18x10ish wheels.
White paint. UNGH. This should be done by next spring with any luck.
Anyhoo. Ive made this collage as a background for all you other kouki 180 heads to enjoy.
Ive also attached some old DT spread scans that I took the liberty of pasting together, so as not to have to view them in two parts anymore.

UGH... SO HOT!!!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Booty MEAT/ Vinyl love/ End SR.

Had ourselves a little meet for the forum a couple of weeks ago. It was fun. Not much to share.

Hit up my boy Bruce Lee for some vinyl love earlier that week. Notice rad windshield/side windows. River Side, RELAX, K style, Top Night. UGH. Not pictured is Risky Devil Greaser on my Rear bumper.

It should be noted I killed my SR on the way home that day. Thus, that will be the last you see of my car in this state. I've yet to decide what happens now. But the VOLTEX wing is no longer mounted on the car, and will probably never go back on.

Shitty luck huh.

GT wing invasion.

AJ invited us out for a photo shoot a few weeks ago and took some fucking RAD pics of the cars. I spotted this bridge the day before while hanging with some friends at a block party and KNEW it was the right spot. Enjoy some samplage for now, as the rest of the pics have yet to turn up(AJ!!)

We also coulnt resist to put in a little WORK on the extra buttery surface..

Credit for the rad pictures goest to Ill photograpy and friend.
Pretty cool to get some pics shot by a photographer whose pics Id been jocking since my H-T lurking days of years past.


My, my, how the time does fly..

It has been a pretty long time...
I do apologize for the lag. The list of excuses is long and detailed.
Alot of stuff has happened.

Since we last updated, we picked up our first sponsor, Works Aero, and made a cameo appearance in their booth at this summers NightShift show. It was Hot as fuck and we were still a bit emo about Trucky's car not being there with us, but managed to have fun anyway. It was FUCKING HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT. Here are some images.
Thanks to the respective photographers.

The Red Shark. New pieces include G-grow taillights, and Works Aero Rainbow Flake vented hood.

Frank's mobile. As youve likely noticed.. the car is now equipped with an Origin GT Wing, new wheels(which must not be named) and a Works Aero Vented Hood with rainbow flake.

Arnies Hachi. This car is on GReddy full coilover conversion with spindles, 15x8 0 offset XXR 002's, HKS bolt on's, etc.

Roski's Fastback. Now eqquiped with proper slammage/fitment, Works Aero Rainbow flake vented hood,etc.

All in all it was a great day, met some new cats from the forum world, hung with some Risky Devil family, Watched Josh and Chob fucking KILL IT during the demo, got asked some funny questions, came up on a sick ass