Wednesday, March 26, 2008


So i just found some old pics of my car from last summer.
Man it makes me miss the way it was, the wheels and all of that.
Makes me think about what im doing with it twice. But, alas, we must move forward.
Also makes me miss Summer!
I hate cold weather like you wouldnt believe.

Heres some action pics from late fall also..

That was the last night i drove my car looking that cool.
I crashed it into a curb pretty hard trying some Choku entries, and tore up the all the aero real good, bent a couple of the mint SSR's, lost one piece of the wing.

After that it wasnt the same and i started selling some of the stuff off...I miss the wheels the most. Damn you Henry why'd you sell them!!!

Many Thanks to A.J., Kev!n, and Henry for the pics.

Here's to hoping this summer blows the last one out of the water.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cars, cars, and more cars..........

Figured id shine some light on some of the cars for you guys.

Well start off with the D*star car.
For the most part it used to be an Old school styled street scene car.

It was basically just slammed super low on Stance coilovers, Deep, cambered, SSR formulas, Origin/Version:Select aero bits, and some other stuff.

This year, the car attempts to go Big League and make a major style statement, while being driven hard. Its still under construction although its about 80% done now.
Big Changes include S14 SR with stock T28, all the major bolt-ons, boost up, Big wheels, full aero, Voltex GT wing, Bucket seat, suspension arms, and bunch of other shit. Details arent really necessary and mod lists are pretty gay.

Lots of Progress is to be made in a short amount of time so pics are far from final.
For detailed progress and info on the D*star car go HERE.

Next up is Trucky's Silvia...
This car was also an old schoolish street scene car as seen here...

Car was just slammed low on D-drug coils, sportmax's, Origin aero, seat, bolt-on ka..etc.

This year, the Trucky mobile is also attempting big League status with Some SR power, full aero, widebody, big wheels, etc. Again no need for all the details.

Pics are also just a couple of progress pics, build is moving quickly and car is almost done also.
For all the details and progress on THIS build go HERE.

So those are a couple of the cars, and im tired so I'll show you guys a couple more tomorrow.
Along with some street action pics and such for your viewing pleasure.
Keep it classy kids.


And so it begins...

Well, I had been wanting to start up this site for awhile now. As the old Myspace was old and hadnt been touched in over a year. I am a bit lazy though so it took a little time for the motivation to set in. My name is Edgar, others know me as D*star(its my forum name and kind of stuck), and for the most part I will be the one running the blog. The blog is basically a window for the outsider to view whats going on in our little group called the D*squad.

What we are is nothing more than a group of childhood friends that grew up in the same area with a passion for the S chassis, motorsports, and cars in general. In total there are 5 of us with S chassis'. 4 of which make up the original group. Counting all of us though, and youll end up with 10 guys huddling around in one garage.

The backstory summary is this, Me and Trucky were good friends in high school and I pulled him into the so-called scene that i had been an avid fan of since my childhood. We both got S13's in the same week in 04 and started modding. A year later my cousin Frank buys in with his s14 Zenki. And a year after that Roski aquires his s13. Theres much more that happened before and after this. But i dont wanna write a nove,l nor is it necessary to know the whole story. 4 years into it, weve built, driven, drifted, crashed, sold, bought, abandoned and wasted our youth doing what we love. Heres to MANY more years to come, each one better than the last.

Least now we have somewhere to cry about it.