Saturday, March 27, 2010

Monolouges from the darker side.

Went out for a drive with some friends last night, Aj took some really nice shots of our unpainted shitboxes.

Havent updated on my own car in awhile so I might as well take this time to introduce you to my new S14 that ive been putting together this winter/spring. Its getting there, cant wait to finish it up. As always, you can follow my build, and all my previous builds HERE.
M-sports aero, Origin 20mm front over, 50mm "stepper" rear overfenders, Works Aero D-max style hood, Origin roof wing, LOW-LOW.

And finally, a real pic of Frank's radical 2010 machine.



3L said...

leave them as is. ahaha

Matej said...

Great title as always.

hailandkill said...

are those 18's on the hatch?

i love the street style of both cars

D*star said...

Stagger on the fb.

Ayasha Kieth said...

Wow! I really like the style of the white car! nice! keep it up! :)

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Bushwacker said...

The title of this post is really an attention catcher. I like the style of the street. :D

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